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5 Benefits of Working with A Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant

A virtual assistant takes on the same role as personal assistants but instead of working with you in the office, they work remotely, typically offshore. Many businesses see this as an opportunity to continue their business processes with the help of a virtual assistant from another time zone, especially 24/7 customer support roles.

If you’re undecided or considering hiring a virtual assistant, learn more about the few main benefits of working with them.

1. Virtual Assistant Helps You Save Time

Repetitive and time-consuming daily tasks such as taking meeting notes, creating and submitting reports, lead generation, and even taking calls can be passed on to virtual assistants. With someone to support the business process, leaders and decision-makers can focus on the more important aspects of the business, such as expanding your network, gaining investments, and others.

2. Save Money

Searching for the right employee takes both time and money and often, there’s a need to match a certain salary range when hiring professionals. On the other hand, you’ll find that virtual assistants offer services for varied rates, which are typically lower than the minimum wage in the country. What this could mean for you is lower wages and reduced operating costs in general.

3. Increase Productivity

Remote employees are generally more productive compared to office-based employees, especially if they work flexible hours. Creative roles, in particular, benefit from being allowed to do work during their most productive hours of the day as opposed to the regular 9-to-5 schedule. Aside from that, remote virtual assistants are free of the stress of daily commutes, giving them greater satisfaction, and even getting a higher retention rate.

In addition to that, virtual assistants are tech-savvy and know a couple of tools to increase their productivity, improve their time management, and even automate a few business processes. And they owe it to the extra time on their hands.

4. Flexibility

Most virtual assistants get paid per hour or per project, giving your business more flexibility when it comes to scaling up or down. If you need another hand during your busiest time of the year, you can hire a virtual assistant to help you for a few months. Of course, if you want to push through with this flexible plan, we recommend hiring from a trusted virtual assistant agency that has a pool of workers ready to work for you ASAP.

5. Diverse Skills

Most virtual assistants have diverse skills and some of them are experienced in multiple types of work such as social media management, marketing, client communication, content creation, graphic design, or even web design. Additionally, you are tapping into global talent, considering you can now work with people from different parts of the globe. If you’re looking for a creative agency to handle your creative processes, you can read more about our unlimited design services here.

When Should I Hire a Virtual Assistant?

It’s time to hire a virtual assistant if you are experiencing the following: 

  • Your workload is increasing
  • Your office does not have enough staff
  • You want to focus on the business side of the company
  • You have a limited budget in terms of salary
  • You need more rest
  • You need a specific skill set


If you find yourself worrying about the situations mentioned above, it might be time to find a virtual assistant to help you. 

Get in touch with Creatives Unit to learn more about hiring your very own remote staff. Send us an email at [email protected].


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