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How to Build Effective Collaboration with Your Remote Staff

Effective Collaboration with Your Remote Staff

Effective collaboration with remote staff is achievable. Remote working has been around for so long. Many companies all over the world have been hiring remote staff for a long time for various reasons, mainly to save money and to diversify their talent pool. Once we figured out that we could work from home or from anywhere during the lockdowns, our main concerns became how to streamline work processes for better collaboration and productivity.

Creatives Unit’s professionals have been collaborating remotely with clients from all over the world for 15 years. We offer virtual assistant, graphic design, and web development services. Here are the best ways you can make the most of your remote staff’s time and availability.

Set clear goals with remote staff

Just like you would make sure your in-house employees are working according to your set goals and milestones, you also want to make sure that your remote staff knows the reason they are working for you. Having a shared vision, mission, goals, and objectives from entry-level to senior employees ensures that everyone sees the big picture, instead of just task after task.

Find a rhythm in communication

Remote communication has its own benefits and one of the best is that it reduces unnecessary meetings. It is important to first plan and discuss when everyone can be around for a meeting or when staff in another time zone can be available. Whether you want to have a daily standup meeting or a weekly check-in, knowing what works for everyone will ensure that no time is wasted during these meetings.

Use time and task management tools

A great advantage of the digital age is the availability of various online tools that help us manage our time and productivity. Putting all your projects, tasks, and updates on one centralized tool makes it easier to track and monitor progress, see updates, assign tasks, and do so much more. One crucial step before using any tool is to check the security and protection it offers especially when handling sensitive data.

Working with Remote Staff from Creatives Unit

Creatives Unit does not connect you with individual freelancers that you interview and onboard yourself. We have in-house virtual assistants, web developers, and graphic artists that work remotely with you, whether as an extra helping hand to your team or as dedicated remote staff when you need help with a creative project.

When you subscribe to our services, you can send a request anytime and our experienced designers, writers, and editors will get to work on your requests immediately. You also receive unlimited revisions along with this subscription. After approving the task, you can download your file and keep sending other requests.

Learn more about our unlimited design services and subscription plan today.


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